“A)Nicole B) thortastic C) _NMT D)Two and a half years ago I sat down in front of my TV and watched a brilliant movie that had me rolling around on my floor with love and lust. THEN it had me gasping out loud with all its surprising and sometimes humorous twists. That movie was the Boondock Saints and I've been dearly devoted since E) I think I'd make a good Saint because I reblog every Sean/Norm/Rocco post I see and there isn't a month that goes by that I don't watch one of the film. F) I DO!!!”

Approved and welcome darling!! <3


Oh, I don’t know what should be the appropriate caption for this. Would you mind?


Oh, I don’t know what should be the appropriate caption for this. Would you mind?

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Connor: Jeez! It’s a fuckin’ six-shooter. Fuck!Murphy: There’s nine bodies, genius.


Connor: Jeez! It’s a fuckin’ six-shooter. Fuck!
Murphy: There’s nine bodies, genius.

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Some of our lovlies have been having issues with the original chatango room so we made a temporary tinychat if you guys wanna stop in and have some fun!




For thee my lord, for thee.

Guuuuh. My boys. My boys!

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Hey guys! Courtney here!

Sorry it’s been too too long since we’ve been on to update everything, I’m sorry about that! I am making a personal promise to check this blog more often and update it as much as I can. No more lolly gagging the TS IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!! haha!

Anyways, we’ve got some amazing new members and we always appreciate our long standing ones too! Let’s start this new year off right, what do ya say ladies and gents!?

Much love,



“a) Jessi b) &c) Nixiestixx d) Because I love these movies and I support those boys til the end! e) Umm.. I'm very dedicated! I'm willing to give up time to help out with things if needed! =) f) Do you promise to love Sean, Norm and the Tumbling Saints, to have and to hold, ‘til Tumbeast rampage do you part? Me: "I do" (Exchange rings).”

Welcome bb! The TS is glad to have you! 

“A. Jamie/ JoJo Pride B & C - JoJoPride D. I’m never really good at answering these kind of questions so here goes. I’d like to join the Tumbling saints because I love the work that Norman and Sean do. They inspire me to work towards my goals in life and to enjoy everything that I do. E. I have a creative mind and normally think outside the lines I try to do the best in everything that I try. I’m also know my way around photoshop and I’m a damn good listener if anyone needs it .F. I promise. <3”

Welcome to the Tumbling Saints! Glad to have you <3

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