This scene will forever be a favourite. 

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Who doesn’t love Norman Reedus in a cut-off shirt with a crossbow….

Who doesn’t love Norman Reedus in a cut-off shirt with a crossbow….

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Hey all of you Tumbling Saints!

I know it’s been a while since we last posted but the admins have been extremely busy. I’ll be filling your dash with some lovely posts in the meantime!

“just thought I'd let you lovelies know that I changed my name. I was: uselesschickybuffer and now I'm: panda-music”

Thank ya muchly!! Way to get on that, LOL, I just made an announcement about that XD


If you send an application or send a message to the Tumbling Saints tumblr here and don’t receive a reply back in a day or two, just shoot me a message on my personal tumblr (whatsthesymbology) and I’ll log in and give it a read. Now that I’m back at college I’m busier than ever with work and classwork, so I don’t always remember to check this as often as I should.

Just so you guys know! : ) We’re not ignoring you, we’re just insanely busy with that real life nonsense.

Also, if anyone has changed their url since I last logged in, just shoot me a message so I can edit it on the member list! Thanks!

-Erica (whatsthesymbology)

“Elizabeth Amaya, Tumbler- boondocksaintsgirl87 Twitter- @LizzyBizzy0509 I want to join the Tumbling Saints because they seem like a really cool way to show support for the boys, and I promise to love Norman,Sean and all other Tumbling Saints =)”

Approved and added! Sorry it took so long, hon!

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