“Işıl but call me Lucy because it's easier and I love Beatles!
possessedbyaunicorn yeah I know...
I wanna join TS because I wanna see a lot of shoulder porn, Sean and Norm spam. I'm tired of searching for photos. I wanna see them on my dashboard EVERYDAY!!! I consider myself a real Boondock Saints, Norm and Sean fan but idk I just wanna be one of you guys ^^
And of course I promise, I'm gonna make people vomit because of my Norm and Sean spam!

Did I do that right, because I can’t speak English well so maybe I understood the how to join part wrong. Sorry ‘bout that. ^^”

That’s fine, hon! You answered all the questions in your post. :) Welcome to the Saints, hon!! <3


Boondock Saints on Speed! XD

Requested clips only this time, wish I had put the infamous “fuck” monologue in now that I think about it, but i’ll fix it later.


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Tonight on DeadDave’sRadio: Guests Troy Duffy and Ken Daniels!


Tonight July 10th !!! Join hosts DeadDave and Lee Platt as they welcome guests Ken Daniels of Fright Night Film Fest and Troy Duffy, director of “Boondock Saints”. The fun starts @ 8pm est !!! Don’t miss this show! Questions for the hosts or guests dial the hotline# 760-539-3245. Listen to the show at www.DeadDavesradio.com.

Be there or be square! (And reblog to spread the word!)

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“I actually just made a Twitter :] it is @spnoffthetrack <3”

Welcome to Twitter! :)

Tumbling Saints in Black and White

(submitted by lovemebeam)

BDS Wallpaper #1

this wallpaper via courtneyalbertson <3

Norman Wallpapers #1

I made these last night. All using the same picture! Whoo~

all of these via lovemebeam! <33

Attention Saints/Vixens!

Anyone that has some good BDS or Norm/Sean backgrounds please link/submit them! We would love to post some for the group to use! Any and all sizes for desktop screens to phone sized are welcome!!! It would be awesome if any of you made some for the group as well! Thanks everyone!

-courtneyalbertson and the Tumbling Saints <3

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