Criteria and rules for joining the Tumbling Saints: Still open. We just need a little bit more from you guys. ;)

Now that we’re starting to get some love from the boys we’re gonna have to start being a little bit more specific with joining. Just to make sure we’re getting fans in our midst, not people who just want to be part of something and get attention from a celebrity. We want members who love Sean, Norm and their amazing work and amazing selves, not people who just want their attention.

It’s nothing complicated or fancy. Just follow the instructions below. :)

1. Follow the rules, of course. Love Norman, love Sean and love each other. If you bash and bitch at any Tumbling Saint, Norman or Sean or send hate the way of the Betties (they’re a different group, guys, not our enemies in any way, shape or form) you will be banned. That’s it. The end. We’re a group of lovers, not fighters.

2. Obviously, if you’re gonna ask to join, follow the feckin’ tumblr. If you wanna join you clearly enjoy Norman and Sean spam/news in your dash, so consider this another source of shoulder porn for all you lovely perverts.

3. Feel free to follow the twitter account! Not required but encouraged. :) (

4. Do not lie about anything involving the TS, Sean or Norm. Seriously, guys, we’re a community of love! Additionally, anyone posting anything intentionally harmful/malicious to the TS, Sean or Norm will face some sort of consequence depending on the level of harm.

5. If you have any questions about joining or the TS in general, feel free to either shoot a message at our ask box. Or, if you need an immediate response to your question, feel free to hit up whatsthesymbology or courtneyalbertson. We’ll be glad to answer your questions. :)


7. If we hear that any TS has behaved in a way that makes either Norman or Sean feel threatened or uncomfortable, it is at the discretion of the admins to remove that Saint from the group. The same applies to anyone who has made any sort of attack or threat against any Saint or member of other fangroups. (Vixens, Betties, etc.)

8. To join, hit up our Ask box and provide the following:

a) First Name/nickname if you prefer

b) tumblr address

c) twitter account (if you have one)

d) Why do you want to join the Tumbling Saints?

e) What do you think you have that’ll make you a good Tumbling Saint?

f) Do you promise to love Sean, Norm and the Tumbling Saints, to have and to hold, ‘til Tumbeast rampage do you part?

If you don’t include this when you ask to join you will be refused until the proper form is filled out. (Otherwise, we’ll have to assume you didn’t read the rules. :c )

Love you guys! Hope to catch you on the flipside!

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